Me and Diabetes


This morning’s reading….so super excited!

I am not only overweight, but I am also diabetic. I was diagnosed probably 12 or 13 years ago and my doctor tried to control it with diet at first. However, since I was young (barely 30) I didn’t know the damage I would cause to my body by not controlling it then. So over the years, we have tried a regimen of diet and medicine. I have been on Januvia, Glipizide, Metformin, actos….pretty much everything available for oral medications. About 3-4 years ago, we decided to try insulin. I fought it for over a year, but when I couldn’t get my A1C levels down, I caved to trying insulin. Insulin was expensive and I HATE needles. But I “manned up” and decided to try it. Well, if you aren’t controlling your diet, no amount of insulin is going to help either. I was getting high A1C levels still. I was probably a perfect model for what NOT to do when you are insulin dependent diabetic.

In October 2011 I went to the doctor and he told me my A1C levels were around 14. Well, I really should have been dead quite honestly. Having an A1C level that high is like putting your hands on hot coals and hoping you won’t get burned! Well, I was terrified, so I started watching my diet. I was able to bring my A1C levels down to around 8 I think at my next check up, but that is still too high. I didn’t let it get me down, I tried harder…..then I had a stroke.

I’m recovered from the stroke a year later….I still struggled with getting my A1C levels down, but I was on the right path. I joined a gym in September and really started to try to get healthy. I failed miserably again. My A1Cs went back up again…..I got depressed. I had done everything I was supposed to. I exercised, I ate right….UGH I felt like I failed my body. In February, I got prescribed a new insulin and things just got worse. I ate whatever I wanted because the new insulin wasn’t working. I stopped working out because I kept getting hurt when I did. My A1C reading in June was 10.4!! Woah, that is a stroke waiting to happen!!! So, I decided to take back my life. I got my doctor to fill out paperwork so that I could get back on my old insulin that DID work. I have been on it for less than a week  and every day, my morning number has been lower and lower! As you can see, this morning, it was only 94! Just like a normal person!! I’m so over joyed today!

I have been bad about measuring my sugar after meals. I ate a side of quinoa black bean salad with lunch today and I was curious to see if it spiked my blood sugar. One thing I need to remember, everything in moderation!! Anyway, I checked my sugar after lunch today and this is what I saw…..


Just like a NORMAL person!

Healthy Salsa

This salsa is good on everything, especially chips. You don’t have to eat it just on chips though! Try salsa on your eggs or some grilled chicken! This tasty salsa starts with some fresh ripe tomatoes.



I used a mini food processor to chop the tomatoes and make a chunky puree.


Next you add Cilantro…. how much you use is up to you, but I love the taste of it, so I probably used about a half a cup



When you add them both to the food processor, you come up with the base.



Next you add some lime juice (and I added a little lime zest as well).



I finely chopped half of a yellow onion and mixed it in to the base.



Final product also has some granulated garlic and garlic salt to taste. If you want some heat, chop up a jalapeno and add it in. Refrigerate for at least an hour to let the flavors meld and your final product will be the talk of your meal!


3.4 down

Well, here we are, day 6 on my journey to health. I weighed in this morning and I am down to 281-3.4 pounds gone! I’m good with that. I didn’t starve this week, I didn’t have to eat nasty food…I ate well and never felt hungry at the end of the day. I actually was satisfied. I also found a new love-infused water! I’m experimenting with different flavors, but so far, I LOVE it!


Cucumber, citrus, mint infused water-slight undertones of the mint and cucumber. Very refreshing!


Cucumber melon infused water….jury is still out on this one. It is refreshing though!

Infusing the water gives it a slight flavor without any added sugar or artificial sweeteners. So far, my favorite is the cucumber, citrus, mint. However, I also have thoroughly enjoyed the raspberry mint infused water too. This week, I’m going to try watermelon and another with blackberries. Also, blueberries did not work out that well. I couldn’t taste them and I’m, not sure if it was because the raspberries overpowered them or what, but I just don’t think they are a great addition to water.

Well, I am feeling a great sense of pride and success today and I am hoping that carries me through another week. My goal this week is to stick with my food plan and my exercise regimen. We had a hiccup last week, but I am back on it this week. I’m looking forward to getting back to my gym this week and with a change of scenario at the other gym.

Friday, Day FIVE!!

ImageWell, they say it takes 30 days to break a habit and 20 days to start one. Well, I am 25% of the way there to a new way of life! I made it to day 5 on my journey to health. It hasn’t been that difficult so far. I even got to eat out once. I haven’t been as diligent about going to the gym as I should have been so far, but I’m not going to punish myself! I am trying to resist the urge to weigh in every day! I’ll update you on day 7 on that! I experimented with eggs last night. I actually scrambled some eggs with mushrooms, onions, and sweet peppers with a touch of shredded cheese. Thanks to some Mrs. Dash and a little Tastefully Simple Steak seasoning, they were the BOMB!!! I also sauteed some veggies later on for lunch today! YUM!! I added beef to them for some protein and it was the perfect lunch! 

You know, I am not going to pretend like I don’t feel like eating a half a gallon of ice cream like a fat girl right now, but I am going to take the victory of NOT doing it! I envy people that can eat whatever they want and not have to worry about their weight or if they are going to spike their sugar if they eat some carbs. I have to battle sugar and carbs! Carb-even “good” ones like found in tomatoes spike me! I get frustrated and angry. I can’t turn the clocks back to a place where I was borderline, but man-why didn’t I take better care of myself earlier in life? Oh well, coulda, shoulda, woulda RIGHT? 

Today is day 5…..I’m on my way to health sweet health! I have a lot more day 5s that I want to live so here is to health!!

1, 2, 3……

My app tells me how many calories to subtract when I exercise....hmmm....

My app tells me how many calories to subtract when I exercise….hmmm….

My brain said eff you! You can’t do it….you’re going to hate being so restricted….you will             cheat! But guess what? I made it through day three so far. I have faithfully logged my food intake and worked out the first two days of this week. I have plans to go to the gym Friday evening. I think I’ll get some cardio in by swimming laps in the pool. That seems like a fun and energizing way to get that exercise in that I don’t like! I will tell you that all the ab work I did the first two days is catching up to me today. I am feeling it, but it feels good in a way. I mean, I know that at some point, all that work will pay off right? Instead of a beer keg, I hope to go down to a twelve pack….

I even made good decisions when we went out to a restaurant tonight. I mean, ideally, I would have had the spaghetti squash marinara; however, I needed and wanted protein, so well, that’s what I had. I am looking forward to seeing what kind of sugar readings I get tomorrow morning. I got my old insulin back that was working somewhat! I am trying to get healthy and this is a definite step in the right direction.

I can only do what I can do and right now, I am taking it one day at a time. I’m proud of my efforts the first few days, so I hope to keep it going!

Day one….

And I didn’t die! This is definitely going to be a mind over matter thing! I am starting today at 284.4 pounds. This is the heaviest I have been in a couple of years. I have gained 34.4 pounds over the last 16 months. The average weight gain is 10-11 pounds after quitting, but we all know I am anything but average! This definitely was not one area where I felt the need to be better than average! 

The day started out with some delicious turkey sausage links and a banana with peanut butter. Too much sugar with the banana. But there are some health benefits, so I ate it. Plus it tastes so good! Healthy doesn’t have to mean yucky food! Dinner was a delicious pork loin grilled with a portabella mushroom cap on the side. If you want a delicious dessert that tastes like you are cheating on your diet, grill some nectarines with a little cinnamon. Skylar is on to something here! 

I made it to the gym today too. First time in like 2 months since I hurt my foot. Guess what, I didn’t die! I may have felt like it while I was on that damn elliptical, but I made it through. I’m back down to 4 minutes, but have a goal of 5 minutes within the week. My trainer would like to see me do a good 20 on there, but that might happen when pigs fly! I have a confession-I really hate cardio! I love weights and the machines and boxing is fun, but cardio-blah!

Anyway, it is almost time for bed and I am happy to report that I made my first mile on my journey! Hey, I even drank a lot of water (probably not a gallon, but you can take that up with my kidneys as I went to the restroom a million times!)

Tomorrow is another day…..I’ll see how that goes and take it an hour at a time!

Hello world!

Welcome to my journey to healthy. My goal is to post my daily thoughts, activities, meals, etc. as I begin my weight loss and health goals. I hope you will find my blog helpful and entertaining, as well as helpful if you are on your own journey to healthy.